Spidey Sense

Sure, spiders are necessary players in eco-management, but no one wants to find a hairy eight-legged nightmare suspended in the corner of the shower just as she gets shampoo in her eyes, but I digress (yes, it was traumatizing). Spiders belong in barns, spelling words in their webs, or in the garden preying on other nasty horrors. And if they have to do so while perched on a pretty daisy, then they should look pretty as well.

Just don't sniff the flower.....aieeeee!

Mountain Sprite

Lately I've been encountering lilliputian forms of locomotion. The next wee wonder was found in a grocer's parking lot. Had I a bigger shopping tote, I would have stuffed this vintage Austin Sprite into it!

Seriously, how cute is this? I almost expected to find a set of child-sized pedals under the steering wheel to propel it.

Whoever owns this miniature marvel is a trusting soul. Don't think I wasn't tempted to turn that key and take it for a spin! I love the red, white and black color scheme and how the wing design on the steering wheel echoes the insignia found on the hood.

When did cars start to lose their charm? Late 70's...80s? Or is it all a matter of perception influenced by time and nostalgia? Will my grandchildren think my '03 Honda is as dreamy as this little Sprite forty years from now? I doubt it.

...but pickles can be purchased by the paperbacks.