What's cookin'?

I've always been amazed by imaginative uses for obsolete objects. Like this marvelous melding of a vintage fridge with a classic car seat. Surely this is coolest couch you'd ever want to plant your tush on, is it not? (source)

Or how about grandpa's suitcases put to use as a bedroom bureau?
Old-timey chicness!  (source)

Since I'm forever stumbling across dusty old discards in these even older mountains, I can't help but imagine a second life for them. This sweet stove must have roasted tons of turkey in days gone by...

...and most certainly the last of its pie-baking days are over. But why consign it to the garage of misfit appliances? Its sad little face is just begging for another shot at being loved - I say repurpose it!

What would you cook up and create?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all...and thank you for popping in at Upstate Oddities!

Mistaken Identities

I really need to wear my glasses more often. While I was coming out of the Phoenicia Pharmacy, I saw my boyfriend, John, in his familiar gray hoodie reading the menu of Sweet Sue's with his back to me. I went in for the tush squeeze (really, who could resist?) only to startle a man who was distinctly NOT John. Same gray hoodie, same body type, but once he turned around, clearly Asian...and clearly shocked. Mortified, I saw John way down the block, standing behind what I thought was my Honda Element. Again, another mistaken identity. I have a few bumper stickers on my car, but not this degree of sticker shock!

We spent a few minutes reading them all, while I contemplated never showing my face in Phoenicia again.
Yes, that's me (in glasses!) being reflected alongside John, sans his hoodie.