This is a post about cleavage. Get that image out of your head (yes, I know what you were thinking) and replace it with this one - a smooth river rock, plucked from Warner Creek. No big whoop, right?

But when precise metamorphic pressure and unique molecular structure combine with the ticking hands of time...

Voila! One becomes three!

This is what geologists refer to as "perfect cleavage." I refer to it as nature exercising her awe-inspiring capacity again and again and again. And that's hot.

Condo Bird Approved

Situated on one of the crossbeams underneath our deck is a beautifully constructed nest. I was delighted to find it!

My pleasure was doubled when I glanced a bit to the left and found another.

But wait...there's more! Three neat little nests all in a row.

I was curious to find out if this avian apartment complex is a family friendly operation. Indeed it is!

Not wanting to barge in on our bird friends uninvited, I took this shot in the least intrusive manner possible by placing the lens of my iPhone's camera directly on the space between the floorboards above the nests. It's such a tiny space that reveals nothing but darkness to the naked eye. And because of the glare on the display I didn't see what I had shot until I went indoors and scrolled through the photos. You can imagine my excitement. We're going to have babies! Well, not me eggzactly, but you get my drift. Nature...thou art awesome.