Rip Tide!

It is along this scenic route, built by convict labor (thank you, convicts!), where Rip Van Winkle took the world's longest nap. Mmmm…naps.

Most of us know the tale of Rip Van Winkle's famous slumber, but few know that Washington Irving's first draft had Rip waking up to a confusing case of identity disorder! Here he is, ready to strike up the band.

On the other side of town, he was found gearing up for ski season…

and Rip-lining! (otherwise known as zip-lining to those not as ego-centric as Rip)

Rip knows that women cannot resist a man in a kilt…

Or in top hat and tails. Oh, that ritzy Rip!

Well hello there, ripped Rip! Where have you been all my life?

At the height of his identity disorder, Rip believed he was Jerry Garcia. The Jerry Garcia who works for cheese. I would work for cheese, too…

…and for beer.

Then there's the Rip who was so confused by his affliction, that he just tried to blend in unnoticed. 

Psst…I can see you, Rip! 

Strategically placed lighthouse. Oh my.

Kapow! Are you sensing a disturbing crotch trend here, or is it just me? (Yes, I'm 12 years old)

Okay, at this point, I've gotta come clean - I've just been ripping ribbing you! Rip did not awaken to a schizoid existence. He was fine…albeit a bit confused at first. "You mean there was a Revolutionary War?!"

All of these artistic incarnations of Mr. Van Winkle are part of a yearly fund-raising effort to raise money for non-profit organizations, to assist those who were affected by last year's devastating Hurricane Irene, and to help our local artists. There are more than fifty Rips dotting the landscape along Route 23A…Wowza! And they'll be auctioned off on October 6th, so you, too, can own a piece of this historic mountaintop legend. More info here at Rip Lives!