Where's Santa?

Ho! Ho! Huh? Santa, baby - no loafing on the job, tonight of all nights! Get your padded butt out of the Phoenicia Pharmacy…even if that old dentist's chair IS comfortable! You've got work to do, man!

As I wrap up another year of oddities, I'd like to thank my friends of the Catskills for always surprising me with another curiosity just around the corner…and for not pressing charges for trespassing. You make these marvelous mountains the coolest place in the world! Have a magical and memorable holiday, brimming with love and goodwill to all! And cookies. Lots of cookies.

One pill makes you larger...

'Tis the season to be madly dashing towards the holidaze - a time when logic and proportion are falling all over themselves in apoplectic panic. May this colossal capsule remind us all to chill out, have a cup of cocoa, and take a deep cleansing breath. If all else fails, go ask that chick Alice. I think she'll know.

Props to my pal "Doctor" Jon for prescribing this pill oddity!