This little fellow was found in the wood stove during a period when it wasn't in use. No, he's not resting, nor is he stunned. And he certainly isn't pining for the fjords. This is an ex-bat.

Many people dislike our flying furry friends, but I love watching them glide out at dusk from under the shingles and do their loopy dances in the sky. Plus they get the bugs before the bugs get me. Check out those dainty wing nails and adorable tootsies!

In appearance, this bat looks like he may have perished a couple of days ago, maybe a week or so at the most. Here's where our story takes another odd turn - he was found more than a decade ago! I'm amazed that he looks so fresh!

Come Fly with Me

Sometimes the most peculiar things are right in front of your nose and you don't even realize it. On first glance this appears to be a snowy field bordered by woodland, but look again... see it?

Da plane! Da plane!

I've come across animal skeletons in the woods, but never an airplane skeleton!  I wonder if the field it's sitting in was once a landing strip.

There are no wings, but the propeller is still attached.  I'm surprised by how stunted it seems.

The controls are still there, hanging on the frame. It's  a confusing mess of knobs and wires to me, but I pushed the button anyway and it roared to life! (I jest)

Is that a bicycle chain? Another reason why I don't fly.

What I'd like to know is who left it here?

Probably this guy.

Pretty in Pink

On our last hike we found this beauty nestled in the woods up on a ridge. There were houses not far off so I wouldn't be surprised if one of those homeowners dumped their trailer back here for nature to claim.

It's no Barbie Dream Trailer, but the color is sweet and the lines are vintage.

This was the only identifying emblem.  I tried digging up the company info without much success, but comparing it to other models I would say it dates from the late 50s to early 60s.

Peering through the window, my eyes were assaulted by chaos, most likely caused by a paperback reader who dislikes flying insects...

...and keeps the disinfectant powers of Lysol close at hand.

But really, why the scouring pads and Lysol if you're not going to use them to scrub down that filthy frigidaire? I would have gone inside for further investigation, but I looked down at the floor and saw this.

Few things make my blood chill faster than the presence of a lone shoe. My mind tends to conjure up all forms of horrific explanations to make sense of it. Suffice it to say, I didn't delve any further with my investigation. I'm such a wuss.

Redundant Road

To get to Boulevard Road take Highway Turnpike to the town of Vista View. At the exit, turn right at Avenue Drive then left at Path can't miss it!