Ghost Drive-In

We were driving up to Hunter for a hike when we glimpsed this along the way. A huge outdoor screen...could it be what we thought it was?
Excited, we pulled over to investigate. Yes - a drive-in movie theater!
It looked like it had been abandoned in a hurry.
The box office was wide open and there were marquee letters strewn about.
Along the remnants of the surrounding fence were light fixtures spaced about 20 feet apart and set low to the ground. The arrows baffle me. What are they pointing to?
It's a sad, desolate setting. The listing speaker posts bring to mind neglected tombstones, occupying a space that was once full of happy people enjoying an evening under the stars.
Online info indicates that the Mountain Drive-In opened in 1948. It screened its last film on October 8, 2006! I'm as surprised as you!

Don't wear white after Labor Day...

...unless you're a caterpillar.
I just got back today after a long weekend in the 'skillz and have lots of oddities to post...all in due time. For now, enjoy this fuzzy fellow who was inches away from our next oddity.

Dark Roots

There's something very eerie (if not awesomely willful) about a root creeping across a rock to reach the soil on the other side. I made sure not to linger here.

Fit for a King!

There's a great trail in Tannersville (off of Elka Park Rd) that leads to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. If you get tired on the hike, you can sit on this nifty blue stone throne.

This area was once a thriving quarry owned by a dude named Dibble. His sons created this unique space adding several rooms throughout the years, complete with firepits, tables, chairs and even a privy! This is the view when sitting on the big throne. There's a cooking area and several smaller chairs. It's truly a special place. One of these days I'll hike up at night for a cookout and some stargazing.

We brought our friends up here over Labor Day weekend. Their kids loved it!

Blue Plate Special

I've stumbled across cabins in the woods, 
but never a diner! 

This oddity was found off of Route 212, just past Main Street in Phoenicia, NY. Although it's situated on a small residential lot (there's a house on either side) it's in a sad state of neglect and serves as a dumping ground for other people's garbage. I wonder where it came from. Imagine if it were restored and used as a residence - what a cool place to live!