Ghost Drive-In

We were driving up to Hunter for a hike when we glimpsed this along the way. A huge outdoor screen...could it be what we thought it was?
Excited, we pulled over to investigate. Yes - a drive-in movie theater!
It looked like it had been abandoned in a hurry.
The box office was wide open and there were marquee letters strewn about.
Along the remnants of the surrounding fence were light fixtures spaced about 20 feet apart and set low to the ground. The arrows baffle me. What are they pointing to?
It's a sad, desolate setting. The listing speaker posts bring to mind neglected tombstones, occupying a space that was once full of happy people enjoying an evening under the stars.
Online info indicates that the Mountain Drive-In opened in 1948. It screened its last film on October 8, 2006! I'm as surprised as you!

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