Gets out tough stains, too!

Last weekend we went to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties. It's a great fall festival but lacks any noteworthy oddness, unless you count a scoop of garlic ice cream in a waffle cone odd (because I don't). Luckily, we came across this oddity a few blocks away. Yes, those are soap bubbles. Every year we go to the Garlic Fest and every year there are soap bubbles cascading from this fountain. The addition of flags, scarecrows and a Virgin Mary give it a little extra oomph, clearly setting it apart from all those other soap bubble fountains one always comes across.

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  1. How does garlic ice cream work, exactly? I suppose it couldn't be all bad, since scallion pancakes are pretty tasty.

    What would happen if you made a waffle cone out of a scallion pancake, and then served up garlic ice cream in it? I'd imagine you'd need some pretty powerful breath mints afterwards.