Words to live by

I live and work downstate in the cookie-cutter checkerboard grid of suburban Long Island. The only signs affixed to the houses there are the ubiquitous home security stickers and occasional directives meant to dissuade the knocks of solicitors (Girl Scouts being the exception because, y'know, Thin Mints)Anything that deviates from the norm is pretty much a guarantee that a block party invite won't be coming your way. Not so with the quirky Catskills! Freedom of creative expression is not only commonplace, but expected.


Thank you, whoever you are.

Library Love

I love libraries. They are the defenders of democracy, the champions against censorship and the fighters for intellectual freedom. They are the keepers of our stories and our histories and our humanity. Their doors are open to all. Come inside the Haines Falls Free Library, won't you?

The Haines Falls Library was founded in 1900, and although it has progressed with the times, it still retains its early 20th century charm. Their system is fully automated, but the card catalog remains present, as if to say, "I am here for you, too. And don't I look lovely?"

It's the little touches that give every library personality and life. Product placement should be thoughtfully displayed.

That little boy's grandma is looking for her bookmark, I bet!

Because everyone has the right to be able to read clearly.

Mysteries hold a prominent position in front of the fireplace. I thought I heard a tap-tap-tapping from the blocked-off hearth.

Young adults…represent! Although I think that copy of Edna Ferber's Giant on the third shelf there was more representative of my mother's teen aged years.

My favorite section of a small town library would have to be the local history collection. Priceless treasure to be found here.

That lovely long-necked lady is Maude Adams, a stage actress best known for playing Peter Pan. She lived her final years of celebrity in nearby Tannersville. The woman on the left gained notoriety for having an overdue library book for 67 years (Edna Ferber's Giant). The wooden dude next to her? No clue, but he's featured in my nightmares now.

It seems that librarians cannot help themselves from documenting and cataloguing everything. This was found in the bathroom. Joe did a fine job with all the fittings, but someone had a heavy hand with the paintbrush.

Does this not look like something you'd find in The Shire?

I imagine Bilbo Baggins would treat his library like the precious institution it is. We all should. And whaddya know? September is Library Card Sign-Up Month! If you don't have a library card, what are you waiting for? It's your passport to the world and beyond. And librarians (myself included) are there to help you embark!