Happy Trails

Ah, the welcoming sight of a trail registry box - how I love these portals to adventure! They hold the promise of wilderness and wildness and escape!

Let's open the latch and sign in, shall we?

I like to read all the names of my fellow hikers and see where they're from (usually Brooklyn) before signing my own name. What can I say? I'm nosy curious. That aside, the key purpose for using a trail registry is to record when you start and when you return from a hike. It would be most unpleasant to be pinned beneath a tree and have to contemplate sawing off your own foot.  Or how about having to subsist on nothing but protein-rich slugs for days at a time? Quelle horreur! And all because it was too much of a bother to log in. The rangers need to know, yo!

When I'm all hepped up for a day of hiking, I'll sign my name with a flourish. Others are so excited that mere paper won't do - the box itself becomes a register of sorts.

Well, well...Winston Smith was here!

Strong to the finish, this one.

It's easy being green here, my friend.

By now, you're probably ready for a hike. Have fun and don't forget the three rules of the forest:

1) Don't leave anything but your footprints.
2) Don't take anything except pictures.
3) ALWAYS sign in and out at the registry box.

....unless you're the dark lord, of course.

I think I'll find another trail.