Brown acid. Never a good idea.

Maybe it was just the time of year, but with nothing else to do we decided to go on down to Yasgur's Farm and check out the new Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. I had heard good things about the newly built museum celebrating that little concert we've all heard about. They don't allow photography in the museum, but I highly recommend going to see it for yourself. It's a wonderfully realized multi-media experience that takes you from the 50's right up to the Age of Aquarius and into the mud and music of Woodstock. If you go down the road a bit, you'll come across this monument:

And just beyond that is the field where it all happened!

The view when the mushrooms kick in:

I wish I had pictures of all the memorabilia displayed in the museum. I would love to own an original Yasgur's Dairy Farm milk bottle! But I think my favorite artifact was the journal of a kid who was clearly there for the music. He had detailed entries on every single act. My favorite: "Some asshole just jumped onstage. Townsend knocked him off."