Fit for a King!

There's a great trail in Tannersville (off of Elka Park Rd) that leads to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. If you get tired on the hike, you can sit on this nifty blue stone throne.

This area was once a thriving quarry owned by a dude named Dibble. His sons created this unique space adding several rooms throughout the years, complete with firepits, tables, chairs and even a privy! This is the view when sitting on the big throne. There's a cooking area and several smaller chairs. It's truly a special place. One of these days I'll hike up at night for a cookout and some stargazing.

We brought our friends up here over Labor Day weekend. Their kids loved it!


  1. they say that Alaska is the most breath taking state they are wrong.
    I love it!

  2. Well, gosh, you're both invited! I know it's a hike for you Bib, but Andrew, it's just 2 hrs from NYC. I'll be up for the Garlic Festival on the 26th. Drive on up - there's plenty of room!