Come Fly with Me

Sometimes the most peculiar things are right in front of your nose and you don't even realize it. On first glance this appears to be a snowy field bordered by woodland, but look again... see it?

Da plane! Da plane!

I've come across animal skeletons in the woods, but never an airplane skeleton!  I wonder if the field it's sitting in was once a landing strip.

There are no wings, but the propeller is still attached.  I'm surprised by how stunted it seems.

The controls are still there, hanging on the frame. It's  a confusing mess of knobs and wires to me, but I pushed the button anyway and it roared to life! (I jest)

Is that a bicycle chain? Another reason why I don't fly.

What I'd like to know is who left it here?

Probably this guy.


  1. that is NUTS. Would love to see it in the spring without the snow.

  2. Weight was a serious concern back in aviation's days of yore. They might have used a larger, lightweight propeller with wooden blades and attached it to the heavier metal part where it connected to the engine. I'd bet money on the wings being wood and canvas--probably everything that was capable of rotting did so long ago.