All Along the Watchtower

Driving down a country road in Jewett, we came across this funky tower. It has a lighthouse vibe to it, wouldn't you say? I'd love to walk around the gallery and pretend to spot ghost ships sailing over the distant mountains.

After admiring it we continued on our drive. Just a few houses down we saw this! I guess someone else on the block wanted a tower to call their own. Check out those narrow windows. I'd love to explore the interior - I'm imagining a spiral staircase going all the way up.

I took a few photos and we got back to our travels. We didn't get too far before we saw...yup...another tower!

Third time's a charm, I suppose, but this one looks like an evil spell was cast over it. If you look closely, you'll see a sad girl with very long hair gazing out the upper window.

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