River Relic #1

The rivers and streams of the Catskills are marvelous places to find objets d'oddness. This study in amber washed up not too long ago on the banks of Warner Creek in Chichester.

According to the official Clorox site, this bottle dates from the mid 30's. It still has its original rubber stopper. From 1940 onward, the bottles were manufactured with screw tops.

The iconic diamond trademark was stamped into the bottom.

The ads throughout the 30's and 40s featured an animated Clorox bottle, hilariously named Butch. Yessiree, tough stains were not for wimps.

Clorox seems to have been the go-to solution for stain removal, and in the case of particularly germ-phobic housewives, it offered peace of mind when it came to protecting family health. But decades later, every girl of the 1980s knew the perfect use for the sublime power of Clorox.

Ah, this river relic, this little bottle of bleach - what fond memories you brought back!

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