Bowling for Bagels

After you climb every mountain and ford every stream, there are plenty of other activities to be had in the Catskills. One can shoot some hoops.

Or hop on a pony. 

But if wild horses (ba-dum-ching!) aren't your thing, you can always rent a pair of groovy two-toned shoes and have a ball at the Liberty Lanes.


Every bowling alley should have such style! 
 And artistic flair! 

That's quite a hand span, there!

Peering through the door (I wish they had been open!) I spied this cool shirt. 

But what's a Kiddush Hashem, you may ask? A strike? A turkey? No, a Kiddush Hashem is any action by a Jew that brings honor, respect and glory to God. If it's any indication of skill, my shirt would have to read Chillul Hashem. God hates gutterballs.

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