You gotta have art

There must be something in the water that possesses Catskillians to hang gorgeous old clocks on their sheds, or perhaps there's just something in the water that's bringing it to my attention lately.

This particular catterclock (as I've dubbed them) isn't doomed to spend its lonely hours in solitude. It shares its space with the spectacular Wambli World!

Although all of these fantabulous sculptures are displayed on private property, they face a main road for passersby to admire. Behold a winged pig...

...and this fanciful figure.

I call this charming fellow "The Schnozz." Don't you love him?

All of these colorful creations are constructed from found objects and given new life celebrating beauty and peace. This giant sunflower is a lovely example...

As is this diving tortoise.

The inscription reads, "When the tortoise walks off the moon, it's the changing of an era." ~ the I Ching

I wish I knew more about Wambli World. Is Wambli the artist? A google search led me to the Lakota word for eagle, and although the art soars, I'd love to know the person behind it. Anyone out there know?


  1. These are wonderful---can you tell us the location?

  2. Route 212 between Willow and Bearsville on the north side of the road. You will NOT believe what's across the street....I'll be posting about it soon!