Tin Can Valley

Whether walking in the city or hiking in the woods, my eyes are drawn to the beauty often found in discarded and decaying objects. Apparently, I'm not alone.

What first appears to be a random jumble of branches and boughs and roadside detritus is, on closer inspection, a rather cool assemblage of found objets de rouille. (or plain old rusty cans...ignore my snobby cosmopolitan alter ego)

My favorite...although the pig doesn't seem too pleased.

Then there's beer. Lots and lots of beer. Bottoms up!

The #1 selling ale of the Reformation.

Birch bark or beer can?

A worn leather shoe has been thrown into the mix. Is the owner the artist, I wonder?

This paean to decay is both eerie and beautiful; an unexpected melding of the natural and the man-made. (Sheesh! It just looks damn cool....please ignore my snooty art history major alter ego)


  1. well written.. I saw a speech from a museum yesterday on a "minor" contemporary artist.. and the woman spoke FOR EVER about CRAP.. and I was thankful that was no longer my business.. by WHY would she do that to the poor audience.. self importance by the "nominal" artist who carried on about herself for and hour WITHOUT accompanying visuals added insult to pretentious injury.. whereas your words and well chosen and on the mark. I still engage in "creative" punctuation.

  2. I love it. it is amazing what time in the woods will do to a persons' perspective.
    I remember the cans like that. takes me way to far back...