Mamma's Head

Drive down any road in the Catskills, and you are likely to spy with your little eye an abandoned, rotting abode hidden in the overgrowth. I always find them eerily beautiful, beckoning me to visit.

So why don't you spritz on some bugspray and come a little closer with me?

And closer still...

Don't be afraid. Let's cross the threshold together...

In the midst of it all, nature has come to reclaim her domain.

There's plenty of time to explore...

...and to read!

But what's this, I wonder? Let's have a look-see...


Alrighty then...I think that's enough exploring for the day.


  1. Is it real!? Next time, I'm taking the tour with you!!

  2. Yes it is! and as big as a human skull! I wish I had taken a picture holding it, but I was so freaked! C- you must come up!

  3. Woah! I have explored many ruins in the Catskills (some of my favorite things have been culled from these abandoned abodes) but never have I found a skull!!!

  4. Whoa! See, this is why I'm getting cremated...I don't want nobody keepin my head in a gnarly old box, only to have some nosy white woman find it years later and FEATURE IT IN HER BLOG!!
    PS I lol'd at "spritz on some bug spray" ;) You're getting a CASE of it next year on your birthday.

  5. Jen - It was quite the shock!
    Laura - too funny!