Sign of the Times

I love historical landmarks. Whether they mark the spot of a delightfully obscure battle or claim to be a founding father's rest stop, I find these factoids fascinating. What tasty morsels of history they contain!

 Oh look! There's one now! Quick, pull over!

Well isn't that interesti...HUH?!

Had to do a double take, didn't you? This sign comes from the brilliantly subversive and socially conscious mind of artist Norm Magnusson as part of his I-75 Project. This inspired installation places historical markers with social and political content throughout the country. Magnusson's goal is "not to incite, but inspire thought."

I remember seeing his signs when they made the media rounds a few years ago. You can imagine my glee at stumbling upon one for real - it was like finding the holy grail! Pull over and take a look at the rest of his historical!

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