Fun House

One of the best reasons for taking a road less travelled is the possible and sudden explosion of art when one least expects it. Tucked away in the landscape, a bit of whimsy catches the eye at 40 miles an hour....Quick, hit the brakes!!

Let's stop and investigate! What's this? A flaming beach ball sent to earth...

and a rocket in a pocket of dirt.

An iron garden...

reaches for the sun.

And further afield...

a capital "F" for FUN!

Shall we go upstairs?

There's a cozy sitting area to take in the view.

Well, hello there...who are you?

a charcoal nude...

and an assortment of gourds to set the mood.


  1. Thanks for sharing your discovery while out in the roughs...and so glad the Police didn't put you in cuffs!

    (for trespassing, that is. Maybe they read the blog? ;)

  2. I see what you did there, lol! And it'll happen one of these days, I'm sure.