Once upon a midafternoon dreary, while I motored, neither weak nor weary, I came across this formidable fellow.









He was not alone.









There were many more.








Many, many more. Are you getting chills yet?









You should! A grouping of crows is called a murder; a grouping of ravens an unkindness. Since all ravens belong to the family of crows (Corvidae) one could say, with authority, that this is a cold-blooded killing on display! One of Hitchcockian and Poe-ish proportions and quite appropriate for Halloween, quoth I. Have a happy one…and stay off the ice!



  1. I loved this one: scary, literary, and with built in vocabulary words! One of my all time favorite (and most terror-inducing) scary movies is The I understand why.

    1. Thanks, LR! The Birds really builds up its terror...much like discovering one of these ravens, only to notice that there were so many more in wait...ready to peck my eyes out! So relieved to find they were only models made of wood :-)