Onward and Upward!

Wherever this year takes you, may it be on a path of renewal and replenishment, compassion and camaraderie…with way more ups than downs.

Happy 2013!

In my travels I've seen two of these striking sculptures. This one is on Route 28. Where is the other?  The first person to send the answer with a photo wins a brand new car mention on this blog!

FYI - You may wonder why that white van occasionally photo-bombs my posts. My partner in crime is behind the wheel, ready to whisk me away if I have to beat a hasty retreat!


  1. I believe there's another on Spruceton Road in the West Kill valley. Just found your site. Love it. Sharing the Theodore Gordon post with local trout enthusiasts!

    1. You are correct - Well done, T. Spire! And thank you for visiting my little blog and for your kind words. Share away! :-D
      - Beth K