See the USA in a Chevrolet!

While hiking along the railroad tracks just north of Boiceville, I came upon what appears to be a serpentine root...

...but is, in fact, a smaller piece to a larger puzzle.

Using these visual clues...

...I put my mad research skillz to the test and determined this heap of metal to be a 1960 Chevrolet Corvair.

The rear-engined Corvair was the much-maligned focus of Ralph Nader's book, Unsafe at Any Speed. After Ralph's scathing expose, the car was doomed. 

Yet knowing the make, model and year doesn't solve the greater mystery. How did it get here?

It's wedged precariously on a precipice, flanked by trees on either side. The log that crushed the top is cleanly cut on both ends and appears to have been dropped from a great height. I didn't find any stumps in the immediate area that would indicate where a tree had been cut.

I would love to know the circumstances that led to this enigmatic automotive tableau.


  1. Wow what a shame, it was such a beautiful car!

  2. Is that your dog in the last photo? Because for a moment I thought it was a wolf.

    I'm not a fan of unsolved mysteries, so I'm going to make up my own story to explain it: Some guy was in an ugly divorce with his wife and lost everything, so he decided that if he couldn't have his beloved Corvair, no one could.

    Later, when Ralph Nader proved that it was a deathtrap, the guy secretly wished that he had gone ahead and given it to his wife. The End.

  3. HA!! I love it -that must be it!

    That's my boyfriend's dog, Daisy. Everyone thinks she's a wolf, even when we walk her in the city.