Head Case

The Catskills have long been a haven for artists - from the majestic Hudson River School of Thomas Cole and Frederic Church to the artisans of Byrdcliffe, the oldest continuing arts colony in America. Surrounded by mountains, we are also surrounded by the visionary works of eccentric, eclectic and hugely talented artists. This thought-provoking sculpture sits in an open field across the road from Wambli World.

The flip side:

The artist, Pierre Riche, states that his "inspiration for creating art is to evoke awe and wonder in hope of awakening the divine within." Yes, I would say that's a possibility.

I'm glad I stopped to take a closer look at Possibility, because I may not have seen this impressive piece. I'm not sure if it's a work of Riche's - I found no signature.

Like all art, it's open to interpretation. My first impression was of Libra, the goddess of balance and truth. And what do you suppose the "caged" objects represent? The shiny silver shape is a star, but the other reminds me of a Seussian fish.

I don't know if I was trespassing - there were no signs - but all the same, I always get paranoid when I stroll off the path...I get the sense that someone is watching me from the shadows. This time it was true!

What I found just beyond these penetrating peepers took my breath away....but I'll save that for another post ;-)


  1. I love it. I love the Dr Seuss like stuff.they are really beautiful.

  2. I thought Cygnus was the God of balance...

    "We can wallk our road together
    If our goals are all the same.
    We can run alone and free
    If we pursue a different aim.
    Let the truth of love be lighted.
    Let the love of truth shine clear.
    Sensibility. On with sense and Liberty.
    With the heart and mind united
    In a single perfect sphere."


    Nice pics, Beth.

  3. I just found this, and the post that follows it -- I really ought to check in on your most excellent blog more often. Just incredible.

    Where is this place? And would you mind if we featured a photo or two on the Watershed Post?

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Lissa, this is enroute from Phoenicia to Woodstock...I think Rte 212? It's behind the Riche sculpture, which is visible from the road. Sure, you can post pix! I love the Watershed Post!